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A personal note from Brendan Kane*

*Marketing advisor to celebrities, pro athletes, and major brands

Are social algorithms pouring your ad spend down the drain?

You’re not alone.

In fact, 99% of brands struggle to attract real followers and quality leads with their content at scale.
And yet the other 1% has figured out a way to stay at the top and…

Go viral over and over again, in literally ANY niche, organically.Turn their social media content into a lead generation machine with actual paying customers.Leverage the algorithm changes into an even bigger scale while their competition struggles to recover from the hit.

In fact, people like Gary V attribute their success to mastering this ONE critical process to engineer virality.

Here’s the good news...

This process is replicable.

It worked for me when I generated one million followers for my own personal brand on both Instagram and Facebook, before anyone knew who I was.

It’s the exact same process my team and I used to generate 60 billion views and 100 million followers with my team organically for clients like Ikea, Skechers, Yahoo, MTV, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and the likes.

Which is why I know it can work for YOUR content too!

Why Us

How Can Hook Point Help Me?

  • Have you ever felt discouraged or overwhelmed by the task of promoting your brand on social media? Spent countless hours on a video that didn't gain traction? You're not alone. That's the reality of 95% of the brands. We are here to guide you through the social media labyrinth.

What Sets Hook Point Apart

  • Through years of research and expertise, we've simplified the complexities of social media, distilling success into the core elements of human communication and storytelling. This approach isn't exclusive to any particular business size or skill level; it works for everyone, from social media novices to seasoned pros.
  • We're not your typical social media agency, and we don't deliver typical results. Instead, we specialize in custom social media strategies that help you achieve sustainable success. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and direction to make informed decisions and reach your social media goals.

Why Our Method Works?

At Hook Point, we understand that a successful social media strategy relies on two critical components:


Crafting Captivating Content

Our Viral Content Model removes the guesswork from content creation. This approach helps you consistently achieve long-lasting success by reverse-engineering successful content and applying these insights to your content.


Holding Attention Through Storytelling

Our Communication Algorithm, developed based on over a million personality and communication profiles, ensures your message resonates with your entire audience.

The combination of these strategies is powerful:

Grab attention+Hold attention
=Scaling your business

The Hook Point Journey



We do a deep dive into your social media presence to identify strengths and weaknesses.



Based on the results, we tailor specific content structures to your industry and niche, empowering you with the tools to make a significant impact.



We provide training on Hook Point's Viral Content Model and our Communication Algorithm to ensure your long-term success beyond our partnership.



Our team of experienced coaches guide and support you as you execute your customized strategy so you have the knowledge and skills to control your own growth.

Case Studies

Case study

Dr. Erin Nance

Erin went from 0 to 200K Followers in two weeks.

Case study

Tanner Leatherstein

2,000 to +1,500,000 followers

Case study

John Malecki

John’s social media channels have taken off. On YouTube, John grew his average views from 100K to over one million!